RF Library is available for Mac OS X only.


RF Library for OS X is a self-contained application, requiring no installation. Just drag it to your Applications folder and you're ready to go.


RF Library has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. I hope that it is fairly self-explanatory!

File/Directory Structure

The way RF Library names your concatenated scan and organises your scans into folders is customisable. You can change the defaults in the settings pane. Use the following placeholders:

%c Country
%t Town
%v Venue
%i Inside/Outside
%s Subdirectory
%f Forename
%n Surname
%y Year
%m Month (number)
%M Month (name)
%d Day of the month (number)

For example, the placeholder: %y%m%d-%v %t %c-%f %n

Would produce the following filename: yyyymmdd-Venue Town Country-Forename Surname